Apple Store designers appear to have forgotten about Chicago winters

Possibility of falling snow and ice closes public areas around Apple Store.

As Matt Maldre at Spudart points out, the lack of gutters on the roof has forced Apple to close off the plaza surrounding the store. Not only is there a risk of snow falling off the sloped roof, there are some nasty-looking icicles hanging there as well. You can see pictures of the ice build-up and public area roped off at Spudart.

Fortunately for Apple, Chicago-area temperatures will hover in the single digits over the weekend, so people shouldn’t be heartbroken about the lack of access to the outdoor areas of Apple’s “town square.” And those of us who have lived or worked in downtown Chicago are accustomed to signs warning of falling snow and ice this time of year. That said, a little bit of weatherproofing can go a long way.

Listing image by Apple

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