An AI might help identify missing children when they’re older

Algorithm trained on 1000 children as they age could help flag up missing kids long after they age out of their last known photographs

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Every two years, new, artificially aged pictures are released of Madeleine McCann, a British girl who disappeared at the age of five while on holiday with her parents in Portugal in 2007. Ten years later, photos of the little girl are unlikely to help find her today, a common problem for all long-term searches for missing children.

But a new AI could identify images of missing children even as they age.

Police currently have plenty of software options available for aging photos of people who have been missing for a long time, but these tend to work best when the missing person is 20 or older. That’s because age-related changes to adult faces are more predictable, and easier for an algorithm to simulate.

Even when artificially aged images are a good likeness, it can still be difficult for a person to match two

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